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Astrological Dialectic of the Future

The Future

Four Hundred Years of Mundane Forecasts and Predictions

Based upon an astrological dialectic of history and of civilizations, I suggest an astrological dialectic of the future and of civilizations to come by extending the cycles of the outer four planets into the future and noting significant dates for creation, growth and change.

Geronimo robe pattern by Pendleton.

(June 2009)

The following is a chronological list of years with notable outer planet geometric structures delineating the trend for inception, ascendancy, culmination, decline and fall of the next empire through its three sub-cycles of nationalism. Any complex structure forms over time as the individual aspects come into orb, with corresponding changes in society. Nothing happens in a vacuum; situations evolve, which means that relevant influences and events happen both before and after the years noted. The tropical zodiac is used. The list is only partial and not exhaustive; there are many significant aspects for growth and war not listed, yet. It is a work in progress. Numbered years are considered to be current era (CE).

2010-11 T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn square to the opposition of Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Pisces, later Aries. Note the cardinal signs. The last time these three planets were in a T-Square was in cardinal signs was 1930-31, in the depths of a world-wide economic depression, when the Nazis came to power and Japan invaded Manchuria. Before that was 1909. Social relations are severely impeded during these times with conflicts among the young and old, and among individuals and corporations about the distribution of resources. Any new political organization at this time might be fascist or totalitarian, while existing governments also trend to that political style under these influences. Nuclear war, treachery and private armies may threaten the world, but if Saturn is dignified in Libra, then a treaty may be signed. Nevertheless, there is a high probability of a general world war growing in the next five years. Square aspects between Uranus and Pluto occur in the second half of 2012, which could signify an explosive part of a larger conflict which will take most of 2013 to enforce truces and treaties.

Grand Trine There is good economic growth with trade, understanding and harmony, because of a Grand Trine among Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. By the end of July, the Grand Trine is interlocked with a T-square among Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. Economic inertia is at its greatest torque and utilizes the problems of the T-Square for added power and growth. During this time resolutions to the problems presented in mid-2010 are developed and implemented, since the planets are the same in each case. In the case of conflict, physical enforcement of treaties will be necessary to maintain order and peace.

(The following insert is dated from April 24, 2014 and details trends through May 2016)

2014 April 29
After the solar eclipse in the Taurus new moon, documentation comes out to continue the pact arranged during the previous two weeks. As the grand cross deteriorates, Mercury goes trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter (which is opposed to Pluto). The US Presidency was opposed by the transit of Saturn over 22Scorpio in the past few days. In turn, VP Biden has been put in the Ukraine as a means of staying the invasion by Russia.

By the end of April, Jupiter is in increasing trine to Saturn as a last final acceleration of the bull market and economic expansion. After May, the economy and business is maintaining but not accelerating.

May 10-11 is especially stimulating. Sun opposes Saturn to reinforce the power of the presidency. Communications are enabled for quick changes to what was a gamble made when Mars was square Jupiter and which went wrong with untimely expansion.

May 22  and late May in general has wonderful support for the economy and the stock market, with resources from old money providing the lift. in particular should show a market rise.

May 24 is the peak of the trine and the rise of the market. From Now is the time to "Sell in May and go away". By the end of May, the constant fighting and sniping by the gun gangs are causing major problems because of those who support the fighters. Geo-political matters in the Ukraine deteriorate through the summer with great frustration and fraud in the last 10 days of August.

September 26 into October, Grand trine among Mars Sagittarius, Uranus Aries and Jupiter Leo has a spot of good economic change, perhaps fighter jets or superior technology or drones. Jupiter Leo begins to square Saturn Scorpio which shows the first beginning of a recession.

2014 November, December, major fighting with Mars conjunct Pluto and both square Uranus. Saturn manages to run away from the economic contraction of a square with Jupiter, but runs into Sagittarius to do so, which just makes for weight training and tests for a loss of strength for financiers and venture capital. The last week of December 2014 to first week of January is a time of stock market style gambling expansion and irrational exuberance.

2015, Saturn in Sagittarius removes the support it gave Pluto through a mutual reception condition when Saturn was in Scorpio. Pluto will no longer have the staying power of banking and money to keep it in power against the tide of humanity and drive for change to newer, better, different and more democratic. With support withdrawn, the authoritarians will fall in the ongoing challenge from Uranus to the policies of Pluto. Taxes will be reformed to support the community instead of the wealthy oligarchs in the US and in the world. There is a short period when Saturn regresses into Scorpio to reheat the condition of mutual reception with Pluto, when the old guard, the regressive entrenched corrupt conspiratorial make one last stand. However, fear and death cannot overturn, withstand or deny the rebirth of new capabilities with electricity, education and democracy. In the same way, Uranus Aries in waxing square to Pluto Capricorn can force its changes and reforms on the social structure of right human relations and get them written into constitutions.

2015 March 17; a peak day of violence which decides the future of the people of the black flag of Pluto for the worse. This is a turning point in the wars of the last five years. Gun gangs are prolific. They will be taken down even in this explosive day. Saturn square to Neptune denies international aid and compassionate care, and indicates some ideologically based cruelties.

2015 July – August; Jupiter begins to square Saturn again and recession begins again. At first, the old status quo is supported since Saturn moved back into mutual reception with Pluto.

2016 March; Jupiter is square to Saturn. The economy and stock market are both in regression. Uranus is in the third decan of Aries. This is a recession of Uranus with the uplift in the first and second decan of Aries now replaced by the drop in the last decan of Aries, which is a pattern noted in Ray Merriman's writings. 

2016 May, Jupiter Virgo exact square to Saturn Sagittarius. T-square of Jupiter Virgo opposite Neptune Pisces both square Saturn Sagittarius. This is more than just Saturn in Sagittarius. It means financial loss through dissipation and fraud. International finance will be part of the problem which has a solution with communication about resources in detail. Taxes on hidden offshore accounts will be handled to resolve the crisis. This is the time for tax reform and resolution. The Bio-tech companies may have problems. Mutable signs may indicate the war approach to resolution of problems, instead of the cardinal treaty or pact.  (This ends the April 2014 insert.)

2016-20       An extended economic depression for the United States based on the USA Washington Inaugural Chart that shows transiting Saturn in opposition to radix Moon, among other things.

Astrological Economic Sociological Political Outlook and Predictions for 2010 to 2020

(written  November 2010)

The present decade, the 2010’s, has self-similarities to the early 1910’s, and the early 1930’s.

The planetary signature which has this self-similarity for each of these three times is called a T-square of outer planets in cardinal quality zodiac signs. This means two planets opposite each other with the third at 90 degrees to both, putting the principles of these planets in an unstable, challenging, dynamic balance. T-square formations among the outer planets happens two or three times a century, but rarely in history does it occur in cardinal signs. Yet, it has occurred three times since the beginning of the last century. It occurred first in 1909 with cardinal T-square with Uranus in Capricorn opposite Neptune in Cancer, both squared by Saturn in Aries. Then a grand cardinal cross was completed when Jupiter transited Libra. It happened 1930-32 when Saturn in Capricorn opposed Pluto in Cancer, with both square to Uranus in Aries. It is happening 2009-2011 with Saturn in Libra opposite to Uranus in Aries with both square to Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is part of the cardinal T-Square when it conjoins Uranus in 2011 and opposes Pluto in 2014. While the greater outline of a cardinal T-square is collectively in effect, each planet has its time to speak in the drama presenting a series of escalating dynamic conflicts.

The end of the decade culminates with the dramatic conflicts in a violent rearrangement of ideology, money, banking structure, housing and agriculture. Anger and violence are a result of incorrect perception of self, motivated by unbalanced desires. The unbalanced desires of the cardinal signs focus on excessive ambition: physical-ego, emotional-desire, social-legal, and governmental-political.

One similarity has to do with the poor economy, disparate incomes and high unemployment with unpaid social liabilities and unrealistic entitlements. The Great Depression and the Great Recession was the same cycle repeated. What changed was the response to it.

Another similarity is the start of different right-wing political parties and styles of government out of the remains of democratic societies, with a strong emphasis on corporatism and militarism as a means of economic power and international development. One aspect of fascist society has been called “compulsory sex morality” by psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, and it is an attitude often present in authoritarian autocratic societies and neo-militant supremacist organizations. It reflects an ideology more than an understanding of natural law or practical reality. Also, such groups are susceptible to demagogues. For example, Italian fascism started at the beginning of the 1900’s, German fascism in the 1930’s, USA New Deal physical and social reconstruction projects in the 1930’s, and the American military-industrial complex since 2000’s. All represent self-serving managed economies that enriched the financial, industrial and military elite at the expense of democracy and freedom rights.

Around the world at these times, people and governments trend toward militant corporatist attitudes, and they deny obligations to individual freedom rights. International corporations with reach and budgets become political power brokers and proxy agents of government, an extension of state power. In today’s world, a war of physical invasion and occupation does not succeed at this point in history, because Uranus and Neptune are in mutual reception. This condition means a null point in nation-building in world in general, because society is confused about their loyalties and values. Dynamic political and social organizations can form during this time of 2011 charted with a cardinal T-square to benefit society if they are purposed and directed. For example, the Bull Moose party and the NAACP were founded in 1909. Large infrastructure development projects and construction can occur during a cardinal T-square, with many current examples being built in China from dams to skyscrapers to bullet trains. For a past example, the Golden Gate bridge was constructed 1932-1934.

A third similarity for the USA is the development of banking structure as an act of political will. Banking reform consists of creating a dynamic financial structure, as Aldrich did in 1910 under the influence of a cardinal T-square of Uranus, Neptune and Saturn to create the Federal Reserve in 1913 and as FDR did when he brought the Fed under the control of the White House in 1934. We can expect something along the same lines, but it takes a disaster before the new structure is put in place. The USA Central Bank concept is tied to an income tax and corporate development. The English plan developed in 1908 to tax the wealthy nobility and keep free trade helped to form the idea of an income tax on the wealthy in the USA. The income tax drove the development of corporations as a means to avoid the tax, with associated abuses and unbalances. A corporation is not human, has no heart, and is used as a legal entity to hold money and assets. It is an Aquarian mental invention of fixed quality in the air element. January 2011 may see some financial reforms aimed at the financiers for them to come clean. The end of 2012 indicates conflictive, if not explosive, reforms and sudden breaks for banks which may come about from bankrupt nations needing refinancing, new nations emerging or gaining international recognition. International currency revaluations are due over the next decade, but they may not happen in earnest until the latter half or the end of the decade. The new decade in 2020 is likely to see a rebuilt or renovated structure of banking and a new form of currency, after the conflict destroys old governments and the old money structure, when Jupiter passes over Pluto and Saturn in 2020. Finances are focused on rebuilding government structure and basic needs.

Major tax changes to the tax structure can usually be expected at these times. Historically, the income tax increases in times of national economic need (1916, 1932, and 1943) and decreases in times of economic prosperity (1920’s, 1980’s, 2000-2008). The last half of the decade may see tax schedules rise to look more like the 1930’s. After 2020, the taxes will go down again for 15 years, until Saturn opposes Pluto.

An expanding economy has legs in 2011 which correlates to Jupiter approaching the final and third opposition to Saturn, March 2011. A wave of economic activity peaks at the opposition and then falls in a recessive trend that usually takes a few months to show. The economic activity of this pair of planets marks the business-economic cycle and is different from the mark of a “financial panic”. Only temporary inflation fears January 2011 arise as Jupiter conjoins Uranus. The housing industry may see a strong expansion in July and August 2013. All of 2014 is likely to be dealing with the refinancing of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae because of a need to create expansion in the housing sector even though it opposes bank resources and conflicts with new finance reforms. The refinancing and housing crisis demands resolution in 2014, when Jupiter opposes Pluto and the monetization of housing is revalued because of a need for new growth. Also in 2014 there may be an example of an abrupt upwards or increased resource revaluation for banks to allow expansion, which means inflation fears recur when Jupiter squares Uranus. Circumstances closer to the time will indicate the probability of hyper-inflation, which is one option for dealing with the unfunded liabilities, entitlements and the housing crisis.

A fourth similarity seems to be the development of a world war a few years after the significant planetary cardinal signature happens, but this may be an illusion. The pattern of both WW I and WW II had the USA enter the conflict late after several years of fighting in the international community. In the case of WW II, the USA was forced into the war ten years after the Japanese invaded Manchuria and the Nazi party won electoral power. I suggest the planetary timing of these wars is marked by the first and second harmonic relationship of Saturn and Pluto. Consider the complete cycle of Saturn and Pluto, especially the part from the opposition to the conjunction as something that comes to a conclusion after a dramatic buildup.

A pattern appears to repeat, if the past is future. Saturn was approaching and conjunct Pluto during most of the time of WWI. Saturn opposite Pluto marked the beginning of WWII and ended with Saturn conjunct Pluto. It is a speculation that a possible beginning of WW I was in 1898 (Spanish-American War) when Saturn opposed Pluto and then by some sequence of events became part of the open world war in 1914 to end in 1917. That speculation is open to a study. For WW II, by this measure of timing the real beginning was 1931, when Saturn opposed Pluto and which is when Japan invaded Manchuria and the Nazi party came to power in Germany. Matters deteriorated into open world war and ended before Saturn was conjunct Pluto in Leo in 1947. The next opposition was in 1965 and the subsequent conjunction in 1982 in Libra, a period marked by both the cold war in Europe and the Vietnam War for the USA.

WW III, the Islamo-Fascist war, is already started, is being fought worldwide and continues by this cyclic time measure of Saturn and Pluto. When Saturn in Gemini opposed Pluto in Sagittarius in August 2001, it was within days of the World Trade Center bombing. The war has gotten and will continue to get worse until the conclusion by 2020 when Saturn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and then separates by a degree.

Uranus in Aries square to Pluto is a short term problem added to the longer larger war, which means a conflict between that which is new, better, different and democratic, and that which is monetized, corrupt and destructively powerful. Exploitations of the weaknesses of democracy are used to fight reforms in government spending. It also is an indication of a general arming of the populace, the creation of private armies and security guards, and conflict with sexual privacy rights. Starting in June 2012, bank breakups may be part of the reform. Corrupt characters in the shady underworld of crime and money are brought in for justice. Criminal enterprises are targeted for military action. There may be a formal declaration of war October 2013 to join a larger conflict in 2014.

A growing crescendo of general conflict In the second half of the decade from 2016 to January 2020, as Saturn and Pluto approach and conjoin in the cardinal quality sign of Capricorn threatens the USA general public and their financial well-being, with economic slowdown, taxes, currency valuation problems and standing armies. Whole governments will fall, and maps will be redrawn by the end of the decade. It is during these years that nuclear war threatens from rogue nuclear nations as the Islamo-Fascist War comes to a conclusion. The obvious concern is Iran and North Korea, which are both developing illicit nuclear weapons. If there is any conflict between the USA and its trading partners, such as China (which backs North Korea), that results in a trade war in these years, then a lack of critical resources could cripple parts of the world’s industrial economies. A problem with both Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear program is likely to come to a head in 2016-2019.

New international banking and financial values take hold after early 2020, like the calm after a storm, and new money is created. This time happens when Jupiter conjoins Pluto in Capricorn and then conjoins Saturn in Aquarius. This time marks the beginning of a new era of prosperity, with an interruption in 2025, but generally improving until 2035.

Current and future conflicts of this decade depend on air power, marked by Uranus in Aries, especially through remote controlled drones which technology is going to characterize the decade. Unmanned remote-control drones of all sizes and styles are being developed for military and personal use, which can be used for good or ill. There are many unemployed young men in the world, which results in willing fodder for armed service. Just as there were violent gun gangs during early 1930’s which developed with prohibition, so today there are violent gun gangs profiting from illegal trade, such as in Mexico. Just as with organized crime gangs of prohibition, there is likely to be more USA involvement in Mexico in a fight with Mexican drug cartels. In the world generally, 2012 June, September and 2013 May, October and 2014 April might see some major explosions of bombs on planes and trains, mines and pipelines from armed conflicts, marked by Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, which might drag the USA into conflicts due to enforcing treaty obligations in 2013 and 2014. Emerging nations might correspond in time with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries, but the larger ongoing conflicts are a result of ideological gun gangs spreading out and starting civil wars directly or by proxy and provocation. The misery comes from ignorance, natural disasters and wars that produce refugees and violent unstable societies. Generally, there is no nation building possible until 2026 when Uranus enters a 60 degree angle to Neptune, because of a lack of social cohesion, reactionary attitudes and institutions from the past that retard social reforms and advances in human rights. Even with democratic traditions, societies tend to devolve into religious, tribal, cultural and racial factions at this time. At the end of the decade, Saturn enters Aquarius and starts a three-year perfecting of the definition of democracy in the face of regressive oppression by bureaucracies. Then Pluto enters Aquarius for a time that sees the long process of rebirth of freedom and democracy.

The Iraq War has another measure for the time of war. That war is timed by the relationship between Uranus and Neptune, because that war started in March 2003 when the two planets went into a relationship condition called mutual reception in which each planet transits the other’s home zodiac sign and will end in February 2012 when the planets finally exit that condition. The violent act of killing others by blowing up oneself may end at that time, when Uranus exits Pisces, and by the time Neptune enters Pisces.

A predictable pattern of economic downturns can be tied to the USA horoscope, but the horoscope I use is based on principles of timing of charter incorporation, for which I use the time that George Washington took the oath of office, (April 30, 1789 12:45 PM New York). Based on that time my studies show the USA is due for an economic depression 2016 to 2019, because Pluto and Saturn transit opposite the radix Moon and Jupiter. Be careful of a financial panic in February, July and November of 2019, when Saturn transits opposite the natal USA POTUS/WIC Moon. Please, note that the astrological date and time of any USA horoscope is speculative as are any inferences or deductions based on that information.

Stock market indices generally track with astrology, but not always. While indices in India and China may go up and down, those in the USA might not because of other manipulations. This year 2010 has seen the merger of airlines, and the beginning of 2011 will see more benefits flow to airplanes, because of Jupiter conjunct Uranus. February 2011 will have a scare of inflation, and the metal business will do better, and industry generally. At any rate, the markets will trend upward continuing past March 2011. A major market trend signification is the planetary signature between Jupiter and Saturn, which has a twenty year cycle. The halfway mark of that cycle happens March 2011 but takes time to show in the economy. After this time, the general economy and market indices will be heading downward as a result of business inactivity. Economic growth occurs in 2013 as a result of small cap activity, until July 2015 to March 2016, when Jupiter squares Saturn, and when a larger economic problem engulfs the world and the USA in economic doldrums for four years. At least, there will be a recession felt for a year. At worst it morphs into a depression lasting four years, with 2018-2019 being growth by big cap buying up companies or merging. One possibility is that our obligations in international conflicts and to our standing armies will tax the populace for the war effort even as the USA has a depressed economy even as a trade war limits our strategic resources and oil energy. The cumulative results of the USA domestic financial policies including income disparities, tax breaks, military and deficit spending become apparent in 2016, but it will take a year to create a new income tax schedule that makes the USA financially self-sustaining.

China’s economy in the last decade has been by state directed corporatism. This is in contrast to the USA corporatism that has a corporate directed state. China will use its currency to get and maintain economic, political and military supremacy, all at the corporate level of international relations that ruthlessly seeks monetization. They do not have a cultural history of democracy or education for democratic values or experience in principled individual self-rule. China is at a time in its history when its power and influence can spread as far as the Mongol empire once did, but the Chinese people need cultural wisdom about democratic social relations. If China wants to continue to play a part in the world economy without alienation of affection, then there must be less insular self-serving controls and more democratic and open markets.

Africa is symbolized by Pluto, as are armed forces. Pluto’s principles play a major part this decade in world affairs as a focus of the cardinal T-square and subsequent squares from the other outer planets. The negative tendency of Pluto is to totalitarianism, cruelty, ruthlessness, mob action and destruction that bring agony and mass death. The pirates of Africa, minions of Pluto, are targeted as part of an international effort in late 2014 to make the seas safer for commerce. The continent itself with untapped resources and unstable societies is a focus of the larger Islamo-Fascist war. The continent may attract the attention of the world powers, but it has the potential to rid itself of corruption, private armies and petty dictators and develop a fundamental sense of useful value based on the collective self respect of black men and women in world society for individual freedom rights.

Energy development through the decade focuses on being able to provide electricity through many means. The USA is rebuilding its electronic grid, with the ability to absorb decentralized energy generation from alternative sources. The focus on accomplishment will be in 2014 to enable local input. Each fulfillment of the cardinal T-square and cardinal grand cross over the first half of the decade is both positive and negative additional impetus to energy development. Uranus square Pluto marks the problem of breaking earth deep underground with poisonous chemicals to release imprisoned natural gas and pollute the water supply at the same time. The world will lurch between fossil fuel addiction and electricity while Uranus squares Pluto in 2013-2014. When the subsidies are removed in 2014, which will be the more economically viable? The oil corporations use their tax subsidies to buy up other sources of energy that will serve the USA public in the future, so they will continue to profit. Technological development may take until the middle of the 2020’s for a total electrical solution to the needs of humanity. (End of essay written Nov.2010)

2024-29 Uranus trine Pluto and sextile Neptune, while Neptune sextile Pluto. This signature shows all three planets in harmonious aspects indicating cultural growth and the start of the new nation and empire cycle. The new world culture is starting to take form. New music genres, time signatures and dance styles are created. New architecture is a reflection of the new culture and lifestyle. Art develops new expressions. While music that developed since the Uranus and Neptune waning fourth harmonic of the last cycle, called rock and roll, is noted for its simple time signatures and atonal style, any new music is likely to have richer and more complex time signatures and structure. The public mind may raise its eyes to the heavens for a solar orientation, with a concomitant effect on the culture and lifestyle.

A Repeated Saturn and Neptune Synodic Cycle –
Can the 6th Century Tell Us About the Next Ten Years, 2016 to 2026?

 (This article was published in the 2015 August ISAR Journal)

Could a repeat of a series of planetary signatures involving the Saturn and Neptune synodic cycle with a twist from Jupiter, indicate a historical repeat of events in the mundane world?  In 2016, Saturn will transit in square to Neptune. In 2026, they will conjoin. These are the years of the last two quarter-phases of the Saturn and Neptune synodic cycle. This current cycle has similarities to the same synodic cycle that went from 527 CE to 555 CE, when a political and military drama played out in the same place in the world where conflicts rage today. Can we learn what to expect in the future by looking at this past time? Can we show a thread of history that weaves through several phases of the 4th harmonic conditions of the Saturn and Neptune synodic cycle and come to a conclusion? Can we predict geo-political outcomes based on past similar transits, conditions and results for the next ten years?


At least four conditions make these two times a unique match. First, when Saturn is opposite Neptune both in 537 (See chart 1) and 2006 (see chart 2), Jupiter makes a T-square with these planets in the same fixed quality signs for both times. Second, when Saturn is in waning square to Neptune in 546 (see chart 3) and 2016 (see chart 4), Jupiter completes a T-square in the same mutable signs for both charts. Third, in 555 (see chart 5) and again in 2026 (see chart 6), they both end up with Saturn conjunct Neptune very close to 0° Aries. Fourth, in each cycle between the waning square and the conjunction, there is a band of time during which Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct sequentially and collectively. These three planets were conjunct in March 550 (see chart 7), and will be conjunct again in March 2020 (see chart 8). This may be a notable point in time during both of these Saturn / Neptune cycles.


The differences for these two eras measured on a grand political scale of the rise and fall of empires are accounted for by the Uranus and Neptune synodic cycle. The theory was first explained by Charles Jayne in the March 1948 Dell Horoscope magazine.1 The extension of the Byzantine Empire in 537 CE was marked by planet Uranus opposite Neptune which, in theory, dates a peak in a trend to build empires even with violent conquest. Today in contrast, Uranus separates from a conjunction with Neptune, which has been a time for destruction of empires and breakaway regions by insurgent violence. The Byzantine Empire was able to conquer the Mediterranean and reconquer Rome under positive influences of empire building. Currently, the opposite trend is in effect because Uranus is separating from the conjunction with Neptune, while also separating from a waxing square with Pluto.


The Saturn and Neptune synodic cycle is intimately involved with Jupiter during these two historical eras. Jupiter was not involved at the waxing Square, but it was involved in a T-square, at the opposition, and at the waning Square. Saturn conjoins Neptune at the end of the cycle, and involves the Aries Point, but not Jupiter.


For purposes of this study which uses a macrocosmic view of planetary dynamics, the time frames are stated in years to allow for a band of time during which any aspect is approaching, exact or separating. This band of time allows for events on the mental and emotional levels which are rarely noted in history to manifest as physical events. However, if we allow too long of a period of time, other planetary cycles seem to have greater influence, just as a larger wave has on a smaller wave. In theory, we might try to develop a hypothesis by looking at mundane history at the moment of time for these aspects, but for world events, I try to work within four degrees of orb for outer planet aspects. Sometimes multiple exact aspects occur in one year due to planetary regression. We can research to see the dates and history when Saturn is conjunct Neptune. We can see when Neptune or Saturn or both are at 0° Aries. We can check to see when Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in a mutable sign T-square. We can look into history for each of these conditions to see if there is any commonality. Ultimately, it is a combination of conditions that are recurring specifically in two periods of time.


The cycle of Neptune is longer than the others in our equation, and it sets the overriding conditions which change over 40 years according to the phase aspect with Saturn. I suggest that Neptune through history seems to carry aspirations for relief from suffering by a populace. The relief sought often is to throw off the oppressive rule of the local authorities. Conditions enable the expression of that desire or deny it, according to the aspect with Saturn. The entry of Neptune into Aries in the past has marked the beginning of a war, like the US Civil War.


Dates for Neptune in Pisces to Aries:

  • 374 to 389       The Roman empire was divided in 364 CE, into western and eastern halves. The western half centered in Rome and was divided among various European tribes after the old Roman Empire imploded from civil wars. The eastern half, the Byzantine Empire was centered in Constantinople.2

  • 538 to 552       Justinian I ruled the Byzantine Empire.

  • 701 to 716       Neptune entered Aries: the Battle of Tours saved Europe for Christians from the Arabs.

  • 865 to 880

  • 1029 to 1043

  • 1192 to 1207

  • 1356 to 1371

  • 1520 to 1534               Martin Luther in 1521, and Copernicus in 1530.

  • 1684 to 1698

  • 1847 to 1862               Unable to resolve the question of slavery, and one day before Neptune entered Aries, US Civil War began with the bombardment of Ft. Sumter by the Confederacy. The Taiping Rebellion began in 1851 and continued to 1864 with 20 million dead.

  • 2011 to 2026               Civil wars in the near-east and Africa, Islamic wars.


The beginning of the Saturn-Neptune cycle put Neptune in Aquarius during its first and second phases, meaning the waxing square and opposition aspects. The first phase was in 527, and the repeat in current era was in 1998. Excellent historical documentation3 notes that in 527, Justinian I ascended the throne in Constantinople at the head of the Byzantine Empire, the eastern half of the old Roman Empire. Today, Constantinople is called Istanbul, Turkey. One of Justinian’s first great projects was to collect, organize and consolidate all the laws which had been promulgated over the past centuries, as well as promote General Belisarius4 who was the military genius driving the re-conquest of the old Roman empire. Byzantium faced danger to the north from the Huns along the Ukraine, and danger on the southeast from the Persians, but unrest inside their borders kept the Persians busy. In China in 526, the Wei rule of North China had military revolts and nomad attacks. In India, the Gupta Emperor drove the Huns out of India by 528.



Less than nine years later, in 536 and then in 2006, the 2nd quarter synodic phase marked by Saturn opposite Neptune continued the conditions which were put into motion at the first quarter phase. The chart shows that Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune formed a T-square in Fixed Signs.

  • Starting in 535 CE, the General Belisarius started to reconquer the old Roman Empire. During the second quarter phase, he took the shores of Africa from the Vandals to use the food it supplied.

  • In 537 Belisarius ends the siege of Rome by the Goths and drives them away.

  • 536 in China, the Wei dynasty split.

  • 536-7, the Huns took Armenia, and split it into four parts and freed captured Armenians.






    Another match for both eras is in the third quarter phase of the synodic cycle, with Saturn square Neptune, in a T-square with Jupiter, and all three in mutable signs. Events show connections between 536 and 546, which are the sequential dates of the quarter phases in the synodic cycle. General Belisarius and soldiers of the Byzantine Empire won possession of Rome from the Goths in 546. This extension of the “Pax Romana” around the Mediterranean was enabled by the conquering of Africa ten years earlier when Saturn was opposite Neptune in fixed signs at the previous quarter phase. The Byzantine Empire reunited both Western and Eastern Roman empires under this mutable T-square.  


    I found it was almost 1500 years since the last occurrence of this planetary signature. There were instances in 418, 456, 545 and 546, but none until 2016.

  • In 455, Rome was sacked by the Vandals while this kind of T-square was forming.

  • In 546, Persia, known today as Iran, started a war.

  • In 546, The Turks allied with the Western Wei of China.







In another match for both eras, between the Saturn and Neptune waning square and the conjunction, there is a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto which happened in 549-551 (see chart number 7), and will repeat in 2020 (see chart 8.) This set of conjunctions takes over a year to form, complete and separate. They are built upon the synodic cycle of Saturn and Pluto, and the trend which began with their opposition in 531 and ended with their conjunction in 549. During this time, wars were fought for conquest by the Byzantine Empire around the Mediterranean and continued until they completed the retaking of Rome. In 536, during this Saturn/Pluto war cycle, Saturn was conjunct Uranus, with both of them opposite Neptune. The astrological difference between the eras is in sign and orb. In 550, the conjunction was in Aquarius with a 10 degree orb between the planets, while in 2020 the conjunction will be in Capricorn with a four degree orb.  Perhaps a review of world history can give some idea of how similar conditions and conflicts may resolve in the future.

Here is the unfolding timeline date list:

528, Saturn square Neptune.

536, Saturn was conjunct with Uranus, both were opposite Neptune, and Jupiter completed a T-square.

546, Saturn was square Neptune and Jupiter completed a T-square.

549, Saturn was conjunct with Pluto in Capricorn square to Uranus.

550-551, Jupiter was conjunct with Pluto and then Saturn.

555, Saturn conjunct Neptune in Aries.


  • In 550 Rome fell to the Goths, out of the hands of the Byzantine Empire. General Belisarius lost his job. Another General with reinforcements completed the taking of Rome for Byzantium.

  • The war between Persia and Byzantium which started in 546 lasted to 551, when they made a peace that lasted 50 years.  

  • In India, the Gupta Empire which ruled all through the last empire cycle, ended with the reign of Vishnu Gupta 542-550.

  • 550, China was in the end of a 300 year period of disunity and regional governments in the 6th century.

  • 550 the Khmer state was set up independent from China.

  • About 550 the Bavarians, coming from Bohemia, establish the Duchy of Bavaria.

  • Nomads from Central Asia founded a royal dynasty in India.

  • Seceding from the crumbling Hun Empire, a Hindu kingdom arose in Afghanistan.

  • In 550, The Turkic Aver people started to migrate west.

  • Even after General Belisarius completed the conquest of northern Africa, there were small revolts until around 550








    The conjunction is the last phase of the Saturn-Neptune synodic cycle. I agree with Charles Jayne’s theory that for mundane concerns, the conjunction is the end of a synodic cycle and not the beginning, which belongs to an aspect after the conjunction. Yet, Saturn entering Aries seems to provide some kind of crystallized start such as Hitler’s annexation of Austria to start WW II, and a demand for freedom rights, such as the Spanish Civil War with a strong repressive authoritarian consequence. Neptune entering Aries seems to have some new establishment of a church, such as the Church of England5, and also possibly a state or nation with a different idea or condition, such as the Confederacy during the US Civil War. When Saturn is conjunct Neptune there seems to be a refreshing of dreams for relief from suffering, due to a strong authoritarian trend in government. For example, one kind of Neptunian idealism for government is called communism. Fascists, who are authoritarian, dislike communism. Stalin was an authoritarian dictator, who used communism for his own ends, and he killed off hundreds of thousands of Communists to do so.


    These charts show Saturn conjunct Neptune close to 0° Aries                     




    Saturn was at 0° of Aries about 17 times from 1500 to 2100.   

  • In 1525 the German Peasants’ War was savagely repressed.

  • In 1613 China had a financial crisis and a social breakdown.

  • In 1672, the Polish– Ottoman war began with the loss of the Ukraine.

  • In 1790 the start of the Haitian Revolution and the end of slavery there.

  • In 1819 Spain ceded property to the United States. The Missouri compromise allowed slavery to spread in the USA. Simon bolivar won the presidency in Bolivia.

  • In 1820 the Monroe doctrine was expounded as manifest destiny. Egypt expanded its borders.

  • In 1878 Russia declared war against the Ottoman Empire. For the British, there was the second Anglo-Afghan war, and the Anglo-Zulu war.

  • In 1937 the Spanish Civil War started, Stalinist Russia killed 680,000 people in the “Great Purge”, and the Nanking massacre occurred in China.

  • In 1938 Germany annexed Austria.

  • In 1967 the Greek military stage a coup.


    Saturn was conjunct Neptune about 14 times between 1500 and 2100.

  • In 1523 the German Peasant’s War was repressed.

  • In 1524 the Ottoman suppressed an Egyptian revolt.

  • In 1593 the Ottomans and Christians started a conflict known as the “Long War”.

  • In 1629 Charles I dissolved the English parliament. Cardinal Richelieu was the power in France. Sweden entered a 30 year war.

  • In 1738 the Persians took India. The Ottomans took the Crimea.

  • In 1773 the Boston Tea Party could be said to be a celebration of Saturn conjunct Neptune.

  • In 1846 the US Mexican war. The Oregon territory. Neptune observed for the first time.

  • In 1882 the British occupy Egypt.

  • In 1917 the US declared war on Germany. The Bolshevik Russsian revolution. In WW I, 10,000 Germans were killed it just one explosion.

  • In 1952 Egypt revolted against the English rule.

  • In 1952 the Berlin wall started.

  • In 1989 the Tiananmen Square massacre happened in China. Communist rule and the iron curtain ended in Europe.

  • In 2026, what will happen?


    Neptune at 0° Aries from 1500 CE to 2100 CE.

  • In 1533, the Church of England started.

  • In 1697, the end of a nine year war, after the Battle of Zenta where 30,000 Ottoman soldiers were killed.

  • In 1861, the Confederacy of the United States.The Civil War started with the bombing of Fort Sumter on April 12 one day before Neptune was exact at 0° of Aries.

  • In 1861 Czar Alexander the second abolished serfdom in Russia.

  • In 2026, what will happen?


    In conclusion:

    With the astrological similarities and history laid out, can we draw any conclusions? Are there any perceptible convergences? Are there any true historical parallels? We can see today that the same places in the world are in violent turmoil as were at war back then. Are these forces place specific, or can we infer that similar conditions apply elsewhere? And will any resolutions follow the patterns of the past?


    I suggest the geo-political trends and dynamics started in 527, came of age in 536, acted out in 546, and came to a convergence in 550, if not 555. If there is a parallel from history to today, then geo-political trends that began in 1998 and came of age in 2006, will act out in 2016, and come to a conclusion in 2020, if not 2026.  The players currently on the scene are likely to continue to play their roles in the current drama for the next four years. These players are likely to resolve their conflicts after some more violence before signing a peace treaty around 2020. For the Byzantine Empire, that was the time for the conquest of Rome in the west, and a peace treaty with Persia in the east.


    There are many similarities between then and today. Turkey is in the center surrounded by war. The Huns that threatened from the north of the old Byzantine Empire are replaced by the Russians grabbing Crimea and threatening war in the Ukraine north of current day Turkey. To the east, the Persians were a danger to old Byzantium, and today there is insurgency and civil war to the east and south in Iraq, Syria and Iran, which today poses a nuclear danger to the world. The Mediterranean countries along the African coast are in turmoil with dictators, revolts and civil wars, just as they were under the Vandals in 530’s and 540’s.


    A timeline of developments in the current Saturn/Neptune synodic cycle:

    1998, Al Qaeda starts by bombing US Embassy.

    1998, Pakistan and India have nuclear bombs.

    1999, the Euro started as a currency.

    2006, Iran announced it had enriched uranium, a step to get a nuclear bomb.

    2006, North Korea explodes its first nuclear bomb.

    2016, Euro crisis?

    2016, Persia may sign a treaty to limit nuclear development?

    2016, North Korea may threaten war?

    2016, More insurgency, refugees, treachery and war around Africa and the Middle-East?

    2020, A grand finale of fighting and war, with the insurgents driven from the field?

    2021, A comprehensive, lasting peace treaty?

    2026, End of old leadership and old empires. Idealistic dreams of governance may be very regressive and cruel in practice.


    There are a couple of scenarios which might play out depending if Turkey as a country can become an intermediary power broker, a peaceful crossroads of culture and civilizations around the Mediterranean and Middle-East. For a while Turkey was becoming a democracy with respect for individual freedom rights. Lately, the government has become more authoritarian with a religious bias. I suggest the best balance for peace and prosperity might be for Turkey to side with the Western world, democracy and NATO in establishing a regional peace around the Mediterranean. This policy would be in keeping with the successful policy followed by Justinian I way back when. Also, it would enable internal and decentralized development of democratic government in the region as called for by the “Arab Spring”, a signature of Uranus in Aries conjunct Jupiter. I suggest that a positive dynamic must deal with establishing a new inclusive form of government and passing power to a new administration without violence and destruction, while still retaining the loyalty of the people, because the alternatives are authoritarian, dictatorial regimes, or totalitarian religious regimes.


    If history were to repeat itself, then Iran might continue its belligerent behavior for the next five years, even as the western powers strive to pacify the Mediterranean and North Africa. Small scale revolts and insurgencies supported by them are likely to continue throughout the area until 2020.  Italy and Europe might continue to endure waves of migrant refugees until a peace is made. Any dreams of creating an earthly empire by invasion are unlikely to succeed within this time of the Uranus/Neptune synodic cycle. Idealistic dreams for government become unsustainable in the means to the end with Saturn’s influence on Neptune.


    While Iran might limit its nuclear ambitions, North Korea’s are still unrestrained, and Pakistan might have internal security problems. Russia recently threatened to use nuclear weapons. There is a possibility of a nuclear incident as Saturn approaches conjunction with Pluto in 2020, which would make everyone realize the need for a peace treaty. Rogue nuclear nations and international gun gangs are likely to increase in activity from 2016 until they are mopped up by 2020. Even as some areas are pacified, the fires of conflict might reignite in the embers of their ruined societies. Historically, the Ukraine seems to be a caught in a struggle during these aspects.


    For a final match of the two eras, the last act in this planetary drama has Saturn conjunct Neptune in 555 at 6° Aries, and conjunct again in 2026 at 0° Aries. I find no major historical significance in the year 555 for that era, given that so much had happened around 550, when Neptune was approaching the Aries Point. For the repeat, 2026 features Saturn and Neptune at 0° Aries. My sense of the astrological signature is that it could mean the start of some popular desire for relief from suffering and oppression, if not also idealistic freedom. Also, Saturn indicates a ruthless, reactionary regressive suppression as government maintains its rule. The old, failed and leaderless policies and dreams become a focus and grist for new leaders willing to fight.


    I invite any readers to use their own knowledge of history, present day events and astrology to fill in more detail and understand better how dynamic transiting astrological changes relate to the mundane world. Some aspects in some years have no relevant research data that I can find, yet. While each country has its own horoscope, a fixed moment in time, and it has a dynamic existence as it plays its part in its time on the stage of life, and all countries and people respond to transits, each in their own way, a more distant perspective sees the flow of historical trends that spans centuries.



  1. Charles Jayne (1911-1985) was an exceptional astrologer who wrote many books, started many organizations, and who published in the March 1948 Dell Horoscope, an article that explained the astrological timing of the rise and fall of civilizations over hundreds of years based on the synodic cycles of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

  2. References to events of history during and since the Roman Empire come from several reference books and web sources. Among them are:

    1. Smithsonian Timelines of History, published by DK Publishing, 2001

    2. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome by Nigel Rogers, published by Hermes House 2007, pp242-249.

  3. The life of Justinian I was documented by a contemporary historian of Justinian's age, Procopius of Caesarea, whose complete works were translated by H. B. Dewing for the Loeb Classical Library series (7 vols., 1914-1940). Also, there are many other well-written source books and studies.

  4. Chamber’s Biographical Dictionary, published by W&R Chambers, London, 1920. General Belisarius made Justinian’s empire happen.

  5. A Shortened History of England by GM Trevelyan, published by Penguin Books,1942. King Henry VIII established the Church of England to have power and jurisdiction in England instead of the Catholic Church.

    2020 – 2030 Forecast and Outlook: The Decade of The Death and Rebirth of Civilizations (an essay written May 2012)

After 2020, the economic cycle between Jupiter and Saturn begins anew. The wars and neglect of the previous decade have left the infrastructure that maintains civilization in shambles around the world. The new world currency and new world banking structure enable the start of the physical rebuilding of roads, bridges, and government buildings over the first three years of the decade.

In 2021, Neptune is in her home with an inverse focus on Pisceans matters. She is cleaning up the mess left by Uranus and his final exit from Pisces and rebirth in Aries going with Jupiter to seek freedom and adventure. While Neptune wanders blissfully in her domain, Jupiter enters her realm from Aquarius, the back door so to speak. Jupiter has the expansiveness, money and optimism to help Neptune redecorate her home, which I think means money goes to medical facilities and international charities. For a while, things seem better in a romantic delusional way with dreams of a sugar-daddy. In 2022 Jupiter leaves Neptune in the lurch to leave the Piscean domicile for a new life of adventure, crossing the Aries Point for a rebirth in Aries.

In 2023, Saturn comes quietly sneaking through the decans of Pisces like they were rooms in a house. He approaches even as Jupiter captures the attentions and affections of Neptune. When Jupiter leaves Neptune for his 12-year adventure elsewhere, Saturn starts a cat and mouse dance of direct and retrograde motions to get close to Neptune. Neptune tries to cast herself out of her house in an attempt to flee, but Saturn catches her on the threshold of rebirth in her new life and drags her back to imprison her, abuse her, deny her water and kill her in her own house. Saturn and Neptune both jump out to Aries a couple of degrees and then retrograde together back into Pisces.

For humanity during 2025, I think the story means a nasty war with a theocracy and that global warming effects and consequences get worse. Ice glaciers dissipate and rivers dry up in inland countries. Meanwhile the coastal communities are drowning from rising sea levels as the polar ice caps continue to melt. One effect of global warming is the acidification of the ocean’s surface water with excess CO2. The life forms which live and depend on the sun at the surface level are unable to grow in an ocean with an acid PH. Corals die off and tiny diatoms cannot grow, which breaks the food chain for all the larger fish. Consequently, the limited ocean food sources are cause for conflict and wars over ocean fishing territory. General human activity will be restricted from using coal or gasoline for energy as an attempt to lessen global warming. The use of liquified natural gas for fuel replaces gasoline, deisel and coal. Reactionary regressive forces seek an extreme male dominance in religion and governments which also seek to use, control or stop music, movies, medicine, alcohol, tobacco and women’s freedom rights. Charities are restricted. Compassionate love and the water of human kindness are denied. Poison gas is used in war. Corporations use contracts to extend a binding iron grip on people. Giant water purification plants are built to generate drinking water from the ocean. (Added note: There are also intimations of the air being made poisonous on a large scale, and that concrete cities will be built under the sea.)

2025 might be considered a nasty year and with Neptune mummified, Saturn leaves her to seek his own death and rebirth by crossing into Aries, never to look back. I think this means the worst of the water wars are over, but not ended. The consequences will take time to correct. Those who revolted against evolution self-inflict their self-sacrifice, and no longer stand. It seems that there has been a death of old-time religion.

2026 is when Neptune, who had been savaged by Saturn, dies and is reborn as she crosses into Aries. Her rebirth as a warrior princess means the end of male dominance in human relations and in military leadership. It means a rebirth in medicine and medical practices tied to the individual, including the right to die. It means compassion and charity return as prominent values for individuals and society. New-Age religious faith and practice is reborn and grows as a natural realization about the true nature of life.

In 2026, Neptune in Aries re-arises with an extended helping hand in the form of a sextile from Uranus in Gemini. This means science comes to the rescue of arts and culture and civilization, which helps the new-age culture to coalesce and develop. New music, dance and art arises. New forms of electronic communication develop to improve inter-cultural understanding. Medicine becomes electrical instead of chemically based. Abundant solar energy becomes the energy of choice for civilization. While solar power enables the production of a supply of potable water from the ocean, the earth is still scorched and the water polluted or unable to support life. Deep in the depths of the oceans is where the answer is found to restart ocean life in the surface waters and enable the survival of the surface world. These researches also provide the path to find immortality for human bodies.

If the first half of the decade of 2020 – 2030 might be called the death of civilizations, then the second half would be the re-birth of civilizations. (End of essay written May 2012)

Uranus square Neptune. This time is a conflict between science and mysticism. Those who seek power may seek it with force a this time, but there is a winnowing effect on the weaker newer nations. The stronger nations keep what they gain from international invasions during the waxing Uranus/Neptune phases.

T-Square of Saturn in Scorpio square to the opposition of Uranus in Leo to Pluto in Pisces. This aspect shows a crisis for society with a high probability of conflict. The war has a danger of nuclear annihilation, lots of bombs and the sacrifice of armies. Corporations and people are in conflict.

2049 Grand Trine This can be a time of peace and prosperity with a Grand Trine among Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Virgo and Neptune in Taurus. Earth signs indicate productivity. The benefits to society are realized by those who are born and grow up under these influences and then apply what they learn.

Uranus trine Pluto while Neptune square Pluto. This is an example of a mixed aspect.

T-Square of Neptune in Cancer square the opposition of Saturn in Libra opposition Pluto in Aries. This structure takes place in Cardinal signs. Anytime Saturn and Pluto are in a first, second or fourth harmonic, there is a great stress and reduction in resources. Neptune's place indicates it may be water or food that becomes scarce, or polluted. War and rumors of war, with dangers of nuclear annihilation and poison gas or water.

Uranus opposition Neptune. Often a time of civil war, violent or not. This is the halfway point for the development of nations, and successful resolution of the civil war enables further expansion later when Uranus is trine to Neptune. Expansion is by force, by incorporation and by colonizing. The motivation for international invasion may be to quell civil wars.

Neptune in Cancer opposed to the conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in Capricorn. This will probably be a time of brutal civil war. The problem is dealing with water and how to store it with huge constructed reservoirs while providing enough for current use by people.

Uranus opposes Neptune while sextile Pluto. Also, Neptune trines Pluto for a long lingering time. The evolving expansion is harmonious with money and power aiding. The problems of the water crisis get resolved. The war is over, and healing begins.

Saturn in Scorpio opposed to the conjunction of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Taurus. This signature indicates a probability for war.

Grand Trine among Saturn, Uranus and Neptune might mark a time of peace and prosperity. The nation and empire grow during this time of easy evolution for government and society.

Neptune, and then Uranus oppose Pluto in turn and then conjoin each other in Aquarius. This conjunction through the period of mutual reception marks the end of the first nation building cycle. Power tends to decentralize, and people return to their tribal identities, partisan loyalties. Civil war can occur. Blood lines seem important. Religious and genocidal war are used as government policies.

A complex angular structure of planet relationships indicating very powerful forces at work in a cooperative way to engage and shape the direction of the mundane world.

T-Square of Saturn in Pisces square the opposition of Neptune in Sagittarius to Pluto in Gemini. At first, the indications are for a protracted religious war, and part of the disintegration of national identity. However, this crisis evolves to benefit all in 2144 indicated by good aspects reforming from the T-Square. The whole period from 2137 to 2175 may either one long war or a series of related short wars. For example, in 1568, a Grand Cross in mutable signs featuring Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Sagittarius, Pluto in Pisces, and Neptune in Gemini marked the beginning of the Eighty Years War. The onset was marked in 1566 by a T-Square of the three outer planets, a time of civil war, religious riots and persecution. The end of the 80-Years War was marked by a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius opposed to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Gemini, which also marked the beheading of Charles I of England amidst a civil war.

T-Square of Saturn in Virgo square to the opposition of Uranus in Sagittarius and Pluto in Gemini. Perhaps a restart and continuation of the religious and civil wars of the time.

Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius are in Mutual Reception. It is a revisit to their conjunction of ten years previously. This time may be marked by genocidal and religious wars. People tend to tribal loyalties. Knowledge of the seas and oceans increases. This is the end of the first cycle of nation building and the bonds of national allegiance are loosest. Those with designs of empire may tend to use repressive force and pre-emptive war on whole cultures to maintain control and extend power. When these planets enter the sixth harmonic, the trend will be to develop the overall culture more harmoniously.

T-Square of Pluto in Leo square to the opposition of Saturn in Scorpio to Uranus in Taurus.

Uranus sextile Pluto and sextile Neptune, while Neptune trine Pluto. The significant characteristic of the
next 100 years is Neptune trine Pluto, marking an era with several phases. This era is the flowering of the empire in terms of culture, power, extent of boundaries and wealth. After 80 years, this era culminates with a period of spectacular intellectual development, marked by a Grand Trine among the outer planets, with influence over the next several hundred years.

Saturn makes positive aspects to Uranus and Neptune while opposing Pluto, indicating further energy and complexity to the beginning of a 100 year Golden Age.

While Neptune continues in sextile to Pluto, Uranus is trine Neptune and conjunct Pluto

Grand Trine among Saturn, Neptune and Pluto indicates a period of stability, if not peace. These signs indicate a time to evolve and grow a secure and peaceful nation with trade and culture.

T-Square of Saturn in Scorpio to the opposition of Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Leo. A lack of resources creates conflicts that result in civil and religious war.

While Neptune continues in trine to Pluto, Uranus opposes Neptune and sextiles Pluto.

At this time there is an interactive structure involving all four outer planets each having three aspects. There is a crisis indicated by a T-Square even while there is a resolution for a while, but the problem persists. Uranus in Taurus is square to the opposition of Saturn in Cancer to Pluto in Aquarius.

Grand Trine While Neptune in Libra holds trine to Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini moves into trine aspect with Neptune and Pluto making for a Grand Trine in air signs. The previous Grand Trine, among these three planets last occurred in earth signs off and on over 500 years ago from 1767 to 1774. This period of time saw the flowering of the German, French, English and Scottish Enlightenments, and neoclassical architecture. The people who grew up in this time applied what they learned to produce democratic nations later in the century. This Grand Trine of 2281 may mark another age of enlightenment, this time in the air element. The benefits from this time will affect mankind when those growing up during the times apply what they learn.

T-Square Uranus in Leo square the opposition of Saturn in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio. This looks like a war involving some kind of dictatorship of the people over values which are opposed by dissipating resources.

T-Square of Pluto in Pisces square the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn.

T-Square of Pluto in Aries square the opposition of Saturn in Cancer to Uranus in Capricorn. This time of major social crisis pits the young against the old, individuals against corporations because of a crisis in the distribution of resources. The probability is for war.

Uranus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius with Pluto sextile to both.

Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius in Mutual Reception is the ending of the second cycle of nation and marks the two-thirds point in the empire cycle. Allegiances devolve towards tribalism. Religious and civil warfare and genocide catch up the great powers. The central government is losing the strength to maintain a far-flung empire. Maintaining a large standing military and launching a pre-emptive war to keep a small piece of empire drains the core strength of the empire. The next and third nation cycle sees the deterioration of the old superstructure of ruling, even as attempts are made to keep it whole.

Square to a triple conjunction Uranus in Virgo square to a triple conjunction of Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in Gemini. This time is about 100 years after the culmination and pinnacle of empire with its greatest achievements, this is a major crisis and marks the beginning of the end of this Empire back into its component nations and cultures. Neptune and Pluto stay conjoined for an extended time.

The crisis of the previous decade is resolved for now and the results integrated into the Nation and Empire.

2408 T-Square Saturn in Aries square to the opposition of Uranus in Capricorn and Pluto in Cancer.

2419  Uranus Aquarius opposite the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in Leo. This marks the mid-point of the Uranus/Neptune cycle . Wars of invasion for expansion of empire are emphasized.

2443  T-Sextile Pluto Leo, Saturn Gemini and Neptune Libra

2451 T-Sextile Pluto Virgo sextile to Uranus Cancer trine Neptune Scorpio

2465  T-Square Neptune square the opposition of Saturn in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo

2468-69 Uranus Virgo square Neptune Sagittarius. The 4th quarter of the Uranus/Neptune cycle begins.

2497-98 T-sextile Neptune Aquarius sextile Saturn in Aries trine Pluto in Sagittarius

2508-09 2-3-6 Harmonics Triangle with all four planets featuring Uranus conjunct Neptune. This is the end of the Uranus/Neptune cycle, when loyalties are very decentralized and polarized. The first half of this century is marked by a sequence of aspects among the outer planets that provide resolutions to challenges and confrontations.

2540  Uranus in Cancer sextile Neptune in Taurus marks the beginning of the new culture in the Uranus/Neptune cycle.

2450-56       T-Square Neptune in Gemini square to the opposition of Uranus in Virgo and Pluto in Pisces. This long lasting T-Square starts with a wide orb and recurs with tighter orbs through 2556. Composed of the outer planets, Saturn conjoins with Pluto in 2554. This time is the first major crisis of the new culture and begins the 2nd quarter of the Uranus/Neptune cycle.


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