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The Meaning of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross

What is the Cosmic Cardinal Cross?

The Cosmic Cardinal Cross is a symbol that encompasses all the initiations of the zodiac.
It is a symbol for the Oneness of All Life and Individual Freedom Rights. It is a symbol for a free person in spirit as well as a guide for spiritual growth in freedom.

(Symbol of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross)


                The Cosmic Cardinal Cross is a Cardinal Cross with a circle around it. Since the universe is infinite in all directions, no matter where you are, you are the center of the universe, which is symbolized by a dot in the center of the universal circle. If you go into the dot in the center of the universal circle, you become one with the universal circle. You focus on going into the dot by putting the consciousness between the brows and listening to your breathing. The Cosmic Cardinal Cross provides a link between the stars and life through the breath.

The symbol has a sound, spelled O I A, sounded “oh-ee-ah”, which is tied to the cycle of breathing. Exhale the universe, the O,"oh". Inhale the universe on the I,"ee", with the energies traveling up the spinal column from the base to the top of the head, with the consciousness between the brows. Hold the breath for A,"ah", with the tongue briefly pressed against the roof of the mouth for creative tension, and the energy at the top of the head is spread in the triangle shape based across the shoulders.

The mantra of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross is "oh-ee-ah", intoned the first two syllables the same and the third syllable one half note higher. The half note step is for the period of years in the beginning of the Aquarian-Leo Age. After the first few years, the third syllable is chanted with a full note up. The yantra of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross is the symbol itself.

The structure of astrology has the symbol of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross at the top of its hierarchy both in terms of its natural placement at the beginning of the circle and encompassing the four cardinal signs, and in terms of its spiritual meaning in the context of the other crosses. It is not enough to look at the crosses as being of relative value to each other, a mutable viewpoint. The holistic approach puts the crosses in a unified continuum which shows the hierarchy of the crosses as it relates to the development of the spirit in the human body.

The cardinal cross stands at the top of the hierarchy of crosses which denote the qualities which permeate existence. The entry level is the mutable cross, indicating change of a relative nature, change that goes side to side, where the terms of polarity are relative. Next comes the fixed cross with its meaning of stability and fixed durability, and no change. At the top is the cardinal cross with the quality of dynamic change, containing the beginning and end.

These pictures are of a three-dimensional gold Cosmic Cardinal Cross. The cross is made of four kinds of gold, one for each quarter - yellow, red, white and green. The left picture is from an angle above to show the internal pyramid structure inside the sphere created by the three great circles. The right picture is a side-on view to show the profile of the cross. It is about 2.5 inches in diameter and was created by Nefer in 1971. 

This state of full realization is the top of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross as it has its place at the top of the head of the astrological body of humans. It takes the balance and improves upon it. The spinal column is the upright in the cardinal cross and the heart chakra is the level of the base of the triangle. The cross level of the cardinal cross is at the heart level, meaning its energies can go no lower than the heart and still stay the cardinal cross. The horizontal demands the perfection of desire in the sense of its purification to formless desire.

The Cosmic Cardinal Cross indicates the energies brought from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Over a period of time breathing the Cosmic Cardinal Cross can bring the consciousness to the centerpoint of the individual and open the third eye and the crown chakra, which when achieved gives the oneness with all. This is becoming the living Cosmic Cardinal Cross. This corresponds to the opening of the crown chakra. The saying goes that the "...sixth sounds the seventh, and they all sound the one." In raising the energies to and placing the consciousness between the brows, the sixth chakra opens, also known as the third eye. As long as the third eye is open, the crown chakra is opening. At some point in full bloom of the crown chakra is the buddhic consciousness, the clear white light, the full knowledge and directorship of the one mind. There is a practical realization of the oneness of all life. Many people have glimpsed this state, but few can hold it and stay in their bodies. The realization of oneness is so complete that a body is no longer necessary unless a decision is made to bring the light and consciousness to the earth plane, which is the lowest level of the vortex that leads like a tornado from the higher levels to the lowest which is the earth.


(Cosmic Cardinal Cross with Universal Eye)
Thanks to Nefer for this graphic!

It is the Alpha-Omega point, the Bodhi-Sala point. It is the point and the circle. Thus it is the dot in the center of the circle. The analogy is not only mathematical but also metaphysical. The 0 degrees of Aries point marks the beginning of spirit's entry into form. Nine months later is the entry into Capricorn, symbol of dynamic earth. Nine months is also the gestation period for human pregnancy. A human is an example of dynamic earth. Concomitant to the analogy of the birth of a human is the real occurrence of the rebirth of the sun in the sense of the winter solstice and the increasing length of days.



When there are disturbances in the ethers or unbalanced forces, the sound "oh-ee-ah" can create a dynamic change in the disturbance to bring it into balance. The sound of "oh-ee-ah" can be used in any point of change. If any change were to be regarded as an initiation, then the blessing of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross can make it change for the better, for the greater one. In the end, all things are contained in the universal love which enables existence as we know it to continue even as parts of our world do not express the love of which they are made.

Just as a person may not feel absolutely, cosmically free until he or she has the consciousness raised to the top of the head, so that person will not be able to act free until the behavior respects individual freedom rights. In fact the realization of the oneness of all life and the accepting of responsibility for one’s own rights are part of the moral, civil and spiritual development of a human as a free individual, and the development of the consciousness of an enlightened human who must act, if only because of existence in the world of duality. For example, the USA Constitution's Bill of Rights is a moral code for a free person, yet it is not fully realized until the moral code is lived.

We are all already One, and it is a matter of realizing it. There is no separation from the One, only the appearance. The One is never lost; a human being's perception may become clouded or turned away, but the fundamental oneness is never lost. The Cosmic Cardinal Cross is a way to hold to the center, the source, the balance, the higher self even in this material world of illusion.

 The Aquarian-Leo Age Chart graphic below was drawn by Loben in 1970.

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