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Cosmic Cardinal Cross Basics of Astrology

The basic philosophy of astrology explains reality from an astrological perspective. Cosmic Cardinal Cross astrology has a philosophical meaning about life and the nature of existence beyond the events of the mundane world or the traits of human personalities. The cosmic cardinal cross explains the social morality, the correspondence with fundamental scientific reality and the cosmogony of astrology that shows how the universe continues being.

I put this data matrix to paper in 1978. The purpose of this table is to show the identity of the basic structure of life as developed by quantum physics with the basic structure of astrology.

The matrix of qualities and elements in astrology is remarkably similar to the matrix of quantum physics that shows the kinds and levels of manifestation for the nature of existence in this world. The overlay of the two systems show identities in both structure and content. Also, the quantum matrix gives prioritization to the sequence of elements in astrology.

It is my contention that the similarity is because both are analyzing the same real energies - those of real life. Quantum physics measures the results of objective manifestation of life, while astrology measures the subjective causative side of the same thing. 

At heart, we are all a string vibrating a song of life.

The astrological elements have a hierarchy as shown by the picture of the symbols below. Fire is at the top of the hierarchy. Quantum physics has determined that it comes into being as gravity before the other elements manifest as the other forces.

Drawing of the Hierarchy of the Four Astrological Elements.

The question of what is a human being is better understood by allowing for awareness at the four levels of life around us through our four bodies developed at those levels, which are the physical, emotional levels, mental and purposive levels. These levels correspond to the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire respectively. These levels also correspond respectively to the levels of the four Quantum Forces: Strong, Weak, Electro-Magnetic and Gravity.  Strength and capabilities on any level depend on developing the potential of the body at that level by conditioning it through education, training and practice.

The subjective viewpoint of the astrological human includes awareness of the Earth element in its three formats of manifestation through having a physical body. The body is composed of light matter, distinct from dark matter and dark energy which compose over 80 percent of the universe. Ongoing conditions give it the appearance of continuity even as it changes and grows over time. Some think the Earth element has all of the potential of All, by which is meant that evolution of spirit can occur only when a human has a physical body. The physical body has the five senses, or six, if mind is included. The subjective sense of the body is about measuring physical energy levels, following physical instincts, working the muscles and measuring objective sensory phenomena. There is a realization that the physical body is part of a larger material world on which it depends.

While the physical body of the Earth element has the nerve-based senses and sensations,  the Water element is a level for the emotional body of the astrological human. Sometimes called the aura, this body of light is composed of emotions, feelings and desires. Some people are ruled by their emotions. The Water element is also called the astral plane, where all desires exist. There is both the crude and primitive identified as lower desires, and the refined and spiritual, called higher emotions. These distinctions among emotions are not based on religion, but on appearances and consequences. Psychics have often mentioned about the darker, murkier and grainier auras of people, and the consequences bring suffering. Lower emotions include anger, lust, greed, fear and brutishness, which cause behaviors including drunkenness, idleness, foolishness, black magic, and adultery.  The lower desires are centered in the solar plexus of the emotional body from which they are projected.  The lower emotions are common to all humans, regardless of birth. Emotional improvement means learning to hold the baser desires in abeyance and to cultivate the higher feelings. The higher emotions are centered in the heart to the throat of the astral body of the astrological human. Examples of higher emotions include compassion, empathy, friendship, self-sacrifice and non-physical love. The higher emotions are more stable, calm, clear and serene, and which are reflected in an aura that is clear and lightly colored, and not cloudy, murky or grainy. When one is not caught up in feelings, it is possible to perceive the difference between emotions self-projected and emotions incoming from others.

Just as there is a larger material world for the physical body, so there is a larger astral world in which the emotional body exists. There are Beings on the astral plane that are not based in living humans and they have bodies of light composed of stored emotional charges, not unlike batteries. Some are the emotional bodies of humans who have died, but whose emotional body has not yet dissipated. Some are deliberately and consciously made by ritual and ceremony and prayer.  Also, there are much larger constructs, called egregores, which compose the emotional body of nations past and present.

There is a squishy area on the boundary between the level of the Water element and the level of the Air element, just as there is a squishy area in quantum physics on the boundary between the Weak force and the Electro-Magnetic force. For example color, which is emotional and of the Water level, can make an outline of a form, which is on the Air level of existence. Another example is classical music, which is based on mathematics and structure, but which can affect the emotions.

The element of Air is associated with the mental body in the existence of the astrological human. Two kinds of mentality distinguish the Air element: form and formless. Neither has emotional content. Examples of form on the mental level include corporations, codified laws, objective mathematics, architecture, names and objective concepts. There are static, mutable and dynamic manifestations of forms.  Examples of the formless mental plane include principles of law on which codified law is based, and imaginary numbers. The Mental plane is not subject to the laws of the emotional or physical plane where physical forms and feelings come and go. Corporations do not die, and neither do concepts, mathematics, ideas or laws.  The person who rules him or herself from this level uses advanced concepts, logic and words.

Elemental Fire composes the highest and most refined body of light in the subjective awareness of the astrological human. In quantum physics, at the level of gravity, this is the focus point that starts the manifestation into form. This level is the purposive or spiritual body that is non-material and formless. When a body of light is developed at this level, it enables awareness and purpose that is beyond the human form and higher than a physical, emotional or mental level.  It manifests as a dynamic spark, or a constant sun, or a dancing flame. For example, the urge for freedom as a spiritual purpose finds expression through all levels of being in the astrological human. A man or woman who rules him or herself from this level brings elemental Fire into being.  He or she has civilized personal behavior and recognizes the rights of others, takes personal responsibility and acts in support of the principles of justice and democratic government for the ultimate purpose of freedom of spirit. For the astrological human at this level of being, awareness is formless, non-physical and
emotionless. The Beings with bodies of light in the Fire element world are of the “clear white light”, attuned to the same vibration, and with a self-realized purpose.


The astrological human can find guidance with the horoscope by knowing the positive and negative indications and conditions and so develop and evolve on the different elemental and qualitative modal levels. A horoscope is personal and is not subject to divine intervention or dispensation. Each person has an individual horoscope unlike anyone else. Such growth of the astrological human by using the horoscope with an understanding of the above matrix begins with ending bad purpose, thought, feeling and action, because it causes suffering to oneself and others in this lifetime and future lifetimes. Then the ending of the cycle of rebirth starts with compassionate and radiant loving kindness in purpose, thought, feeling and action, with a being that is upright, good, virtuous and dutiful. Such a being develops the higher quality bodies of light on the different elemental levels of the astrological human and perhaps in different dimensions. At some point, the totality of the purified bodies of light are enough that rebirth into form is not necessary for a continued expansive evolution in being. Not everyone wants to end their own cycle of rebirth, but those who see and understand may wish to end the cycle of rebirth and to end also the suffering in real life that goes with being caught up in the cycle of rebirth. Astrology’s force of morality exists at this point of understanding about life and rebirth, because it is knowledge that is beyond faith, belief or philosophy that the morality of the universe can be expressed as "Be nice, and Reciprocate".

Consider what we know about the fundamental objective scientific reality of life. Start with the basic duality of life, a reciprocity that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We can agree as part of that duality, there is matter both visible and invisible, with visible matter being only 20% of the total. Our material existence is in that 20% of visible matter, which leaves 80% being invisible.  We know enough science to agree that the widest demographic of material existence was at the level of quantum forces; it is all-pervasive and fundamental to everything in our structure of reality. From the quantum forces are built the atoms which build the molecules which build the chemicals which build the cells which build sentient beings. Like everything around us, this body we inhabit is composed of various aggregated conditions of quantum forces requiring repair and maintenance to continue system integrity, and which are short lived or inconstant and which eventually decompose into component parts until used again. This is a cycle of rebirth that acts at every level of existence.


A cycle of rebirth with everything being born and reborn continuously, infinitely and constantly acts at all levels from quantum to galactic and more, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. The underlying existence of life continues in a process of rebirth even as larger aggregate forms develop rebirth capabilities. The difference is measured in time, and time is relative.


Our objective existence that we know from sensory contact exists in the three spatial dimensions and in the fourth dimension, time. Einstein showed that since light bends, time is the fourth dimension, and also that time is relative. As the fourth dimension, time is tangent to the three spatial dimensions, meaning only one set of conditions exists at any one moment of time, however infinitely small the moment might be. These four dimensions of our existence are also wrapped up and unified with another seven dimensions, according to modern science as it describes natural law. While we have apparent existence in four dimensions, we actually have existence in eleven dimensions, if science if correct. The force of our existence we see in our lifetime in these three dimensions for a moment in time is carried in eleven dimensions and since time is relative, that force is subject to the universal tendency for reciprocity, for positive and negative, that is personal, carried like a potential charge in a battery which will seek resolution and balance across the unified eleven dimensions. This seeking of balance, of resolution, of realizing potential is what causes rebirth in whatever form in our four dimensions and other dimensions based on the law of reciprocity, the law of duality, which is a natural phenomenon. Birth is a rebirth of aggregate conditions at different levels.


Those four quantum forces which compose our three dimensions and which pervade our existence is the reflective or visible matter: strong force, weak force, electro-magnetism and gravity. These four forces of nature are very similar to the four elements in astrology. Since you have practiced astrology for decades, perhaps you have a better developed sensory awareness about these elemental levels of being: earth, water, air and fire. They can correspond in a person respectively to the physical body, to emotions and feelings, to thoughts and ideas, and to purpose and intent.


In their respective systems, astrology and quantum science posit three kinds of possible manifestation of each of the four levels of elements or forces. Perhaps they are describing the same thing. Astrology names them Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, while quantum physics describes it as Field, Particle and Wave modes of manifestation. The characteristics are similar. This is reality we are talking about. The cycle of manifestation starts at the level of gravity, fire to an astrologer, which can create heat by friction even in the cold of deep space. The consequence of gravity is the development of all the quantum forces in all the modes of expression in all the dimensions. Each of us is such an impulse, started in elemental fire, formed of an intent for becoming more involved in visible matter.


For ourselves, our impulse might be like a dancing string or a ball ceaselessly bouncing in and out of rebirths and limited by a cage of quantum forces just like the matrix of qualities and elements in basic astrology describe the cage of planetary conditions at our birth. We are reborn according to the law of reciprocity acting across time, breath to breath, and lifeform to lifeform. What we do in this life affects the conditions of our rebirth for good or ill, as a function of the natural reciprocity of life.  Some call this reciprocal effect acting across dimensions, “karma” or “kamma”.


An astrologer might know the three grand crosses, each made of the four elements of that mode. They can be seen as pathways of human development measured astrologically. The three grand crosses define the causes and limits of rebirth according to their nature. It is a matter of being, rather than becoming.  

The Mutable Cross Path has the initiation of understanding the connection between cause and effect. Failure to understand the connection leads to rebirth with more suffering. Examples include equivocation, magical thinking, nihilism, governance by ideology or totalitarianism.


The Path of the Fixed Cross is about objectivity as in material, scientific objective, and not imaginatively objective which is like the path of the Mutable Cross. The fixed cross is also a path of rebirth to be a man or god, because illusions about material duality with a sense of craving and clinging to material beings or things or desires or concepts causes rebirth in material form. Examples of illusions include ego, eternal soul, gods, personality, attachment to a particular place on Earth, corporations, church, and governance by king or dictator.


In Roman times, a number of named virtues were personified in statues each with an identifying symbolic item. These different items seem to correspond to the symbols associated with the different astrological signs. The path of the fixed cross as indicated by the fixed zodiac of the heavens is lit by these astrological virtues which are the positive traits of the zodiac signs.


Sign            Virtue                  Symbol

Aries           Fortitude              Sword

Taurus        Tranquility           Column

Gemini        Gaiety                    Myrtle

Cancer        Devotion               Incense and Altar

Leo              Prudence              Globe

Virgo           Temperance         Bridle

Libra           Justice                  Scales

Scorpio       Health                   Serpent

Sagittarius Honesty                Sheer Vest

Capricorn   Modesty                Veil

Aquarius     Liberty                  Cap

Pisces          Clemency              Olive branch.


The zodiac signs are illusory constructions from the four astrological elements and three astrological qualities. Also, the associated deities are illusory. However, these artificial constructs continue on the astral plane filled with whatever energy was put there through prayer, worship or fear. This energy can be tapped.


The Cardinal Cross Path has the initiation of freedom from the cycle of rebirth, Examples include the higher abstract principles, freedom, compassionate love and peace of mind, civil liberties and governance by democracy.


Most people are a combination of these developmental paths and most do not know what they are becoming or being. Many people waste energy and time on the mutable cross path or they cast their lot with a concept of the fixed path, and some follow a dynamic being of the cardinal cross path. While each crossing of element and quality may have its own initiation, the collective or aggregated initiation is what leads us on any particular path, even a path of freedom up the cardinal cross path.

We can walk that Cardinal Cross path and can see where we are going by the light of internal virtues, helped by external principles of freedom. The Buddha and his teachings explain these virtues as a path to freedom from suffering, to a better rebirth, to wealth and to the ultimate enlightenment. Even the "Law of Dependent Origination" as expounded by the Buddha had the planets as sense perceptions. I am talking about perceiving the planets in astrology as carrying the virtues of a dynamic way of being. This way of being could be a way out of the echo chamber of life with its constant cycle of rebirth. At least it is a way to reduce the stress and suffering of being reborn all the time.

The planets as virtues fulfill their statement of principles. The planets are dynamic influences in life and in astrology when stated as open, unlimited virtues. These virtues become the esoteric dignities and exaltations of the planets. To follow the path by living the virtues leads to freedom whether by intellect, devotion or action.

In living these virtues, your being travels the path to freedom from the cycle of rebirth by not doing that which causes conditions of rebirth. When conditions cease to have an effect and freedom from rebirth is attained, it is as if one had fulfilled the conditions for right being according to the planets out to the limiting sphere of Uranus. You would be beyond the spheres which contain rebirth as part of the process and into the sphere of Neptune where compassionate love is the realm. This is the realm of deathlessness. To go beyond deathlessness, and to enter the sphere of Pluto is to achieve the extinction of all fires, which would be like getting beyond the influence of gravity which pulls matter into manifestation and the rebirth process.

Now that you know the process, the setup and how it works, you might want to continue to take that noble path to freedom, the path of the Cosmic Cardinal Cross. Since so much is changing in your body, your feelings, your thoughts and intents, the constant flux makes it hard to stay on the path. If you can concentrate on being centered without sensory distraction and keep to the virtues, then you stay on the path. Others have accomplished this with meditation and practice listening to their breathing. They do this to keep the life force above the level of the shoulders to be able to exit their body out the top of the head at the moment of death. To this end, I use the Cosmic Cardinal Cross to help focus the energies between the brows and above the shoulders. Breathe exhale, inhale, hold an instant, and cycle again while imagining being a Cosmic Cardinal Cross. It is something to let go of once you achieve freedom. You are leaving your body anyway, so there is no need to focus your consciousness any lower than your brows; you want to let go of the body and maintain a peaceful mind. If you can listen to your breathing, be centered, let go of sensory stimulation; you can just be. It is not hard.






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